Turn 'No Time' into more time!

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Art promo specialises in all things marketing for artists. helping you present, promote and sell your art! 

I understand how hard it is for artists to get that balance between marketing their art, and actually getting time to create it!  This is where I can help. I can work with you to streamline your marketing so it takes less time BUT becomes more effective.

I have created a series of one on one masterclasses each focusing on a topic that will help to present, promote and sell your work more efficiently giving you more time in the studio. 

For those committed artpreneurs among you, you know who you are! You want to make your business as successful as it can be, it is more than just your hobby. You are willing to put in that extra work for the business, but that doesn't have to mean extra time. 

I can help you balance your time and get your promotion spot on so you will never have to worry about having enough time to make your art, and being productive enough in your admin time. 

Through my one on one, face to face Masterclasses, together we can stop the overwhelm and get you on track to a more streamlined and effective business. 

Alongside my masterclasses I also offer one on one training for those less experienced marketeers helping you get started on the right track, as well as services on web design, design, photography and art events.  

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Join me on my masterclasses to find out the secrets of making your marketing work harder, without you having to.

Ask about my training sessions for more 'how to' help. 



Good websites are so important nowadays for artists as more and more people are looking for artworks online.

Not happy with your current site, then we can design a new one for you. 



If you find getting the perfect shot of your work difficult, 

We provide a service where a professional photographer will come to photograph your works. 


Looking to organise an exhibition or art event, but need help in a particular area such as curation, marketing or finding a venue?

Let us know and we can help with all or sections of your event planning. 




"Using Art Promo has helped me look at my website and social media channels in a constructive manner. As a practising artist, I feel it's important to get other professionals' opinions on how I present my business. Art Promo has given me some amazing feedback and is useful for all creative businesses"
Sam Peacock - Artist

‘I’d highly recommend Amy. She’s got an instinctive feel for her clients’ needs and comes up with the perfect solution. From start to finish it was a pleasure working with her and I’d definitely use her again'
Patsy Dixon - Liberty Gallery

"Amy provided outstanding services to us and helped tremendously to build a website we were willing to have. Attentive to our requests, they carried through exactly what I and my business partner were looking for. Additionally, even after finalising the project, they remained in touch with us and provided all the necessary help and improvements we asked for. I would definitely recommend their services."
Anastasia Petrovskaya - The Art Partners